BasiGo – Rwanda here we come!

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Last week, BasiGo announced our first steps outside of Kenya. In a few short months, BasiGo will have electric buses operating in Kigali, Rwanda. 58% off Rwanda’s electricity comes from renewables. Just like Kenya, an electric bus in Rwanda has a massive and immediate impact on climate emissions and air pollution.

But in Rwanda, this mission goes well beyond environmental impact. Following the COVID pandemic, Rwanda is facing an urgent need for more public transport, at exactly the same time that Public transport providers are struggling under the highest fuel prices in over a decade. Electric buses are the solution to this compounding problem and everyone agrees they are the future for public transport in the country. They represent the chance for Wast African countries to decouple from fossil fuel imports and instead grow public transport using renewable energy generated in the region. But facing this urgent need for more public transport in Rwanda, we have to find a way to accelerate the transition! We need to build an entire ecosystem at light speed – E-Buses, charging, service, and financing!

When we started BasiGo, we did not anticipate how important electrification of public transport would become to the region at this moment in time. But we are ready to #TakeTheLead and make the future of clean, electric public transport in Rwanda a reality today!

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